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Artist Statement

Seeing, capturing, creating – photography is an active endeavor and one that can speak to a person on so many levels. I find that the beginnings of each image can happen from the outside in and from the inside out. I may be walking out in nature seeing, capturing and creating. All images become part of me, moments I will not forget, instances that I am able to interpret with all of my senses: sight, touch, sound, smell and even taste if I am photographing food. What is captured in an image is all of these external things, frozen in time; an encapsulation of all that was there and happening at that precise moment the shutter button was pushed. And conversely, I can take what is internal – ideas from the simplest composition all the way to a complex and fanciful dream and use the medium of photography to create whatever my heart can imagine.

I have been told that I have quite an imagination, and I love that I can use photography to bring these ideas and dreams to reality. I welcome you to explore with me the paths I have walked, the flowers I have smelled, the trees I have touched, the food I have tasted, the birds I have listened to and the wonderful sights I have seen. While you are looking, you may even see some of the dreams I have walked through. While they are an external thing to you….I hope that they will speak to that internal place within you that is longing for something beautiful.

About Me

A common thread I see in the world of photography is many people who are in the IT industry seem to enjoy connecting the technical right side of their brain with the creative left side of their brain using photography as the bridge. I am no different. After 20 years in the IT industry, mainly spent as an independent networking consultant, picking up a camera and delving into the world of photography was like second nature to me. The fun of trying to master a new technical piece of equipment paired with the thrill of creating something new was the perfect little combo hook. Once I retired from the IT field, I was able to fully immerse myself in the endeavor. It’s been a fun journey so far and I don’t anticipate it ending anytime soon as there is always something new to explore with camera in hand.

Although I am a true Southern girl (raised between South Carolina and Texas), I currently reside in and explore the greater New England area with my husband, youngest daughter, feisty mother of 81 and my two adorable dogs. I also have an older daughter who lives in Texas, which gives me the perfect excuse to travel back down south from time to time. Thank you for visiting my site and looking through the many things and places I have been able to explore. I hope to keep adding to the collection for many years to come.

Exhibitions and Awards

2018 - October - November

WAA 2018 National Juried Photography Exhibition

WAA Gallery, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

2018 - September - November

Solo Exhibition

A selection of 20 images presented on metal for Gallery Seven's 10th anniversary.

Gallery Seven, Maynard, MA

2018 - April 

Invited to participate in the Inaugural Photography Colony in conjunction with the Almanack Arts Colony on Nantucket Island.  This was a 10 day, all expenses paid,  immersive and collaborative event designed specifically to foster photographic creativity for the three chosen emerging photographers. 

Nantucket, Massachusetts    

2017 - September

"Summertime Splash" judge's choice winner

Award:  $500

Hunts Photo and Video, Melrose, Massachusetts  

2017   March - April

"Illumination/Reflection" Exhibition

Parish Gallery/Bedford Center for the Arts

Bedford Parish, Bedford, Massachusetts

2017   February - April

"Wet" Exhibition

"Before the Fall" received Best in Show

Gallery Seven, Maynard, Massachusetts

2017  January

"Black and White Landscape" Exhibition

SE Center for Photography Gallery, Greenville, South Carolina

2015   April - May

"H2O / Water" Exhibition

Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado

2015  February - March

AVAA 39th Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibit

Bob Duncan Center, Arlington, Texas

2015 - January - March

“Americana” juried exhibition

Art7 Crockett Community Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas

2014 - May - September

Rooftop Gallery Exhibition in conjunction with

Ansel Adams Masterworks Exhibition

Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, Texas

2014 - May

1st Place - Image as Art juried competition

Judge: Tony Corbell

Award: $1,000 artist grant

Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, Texas

2013 - April - September

Chics Who Click Rooftop Gallery Exhibition

Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, Texas

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